CERAVITE was founded in 2007 by professor Huang Xiangdong,professor Jiang Ming and Fuzhou University Asset Management Co., LTD. Professor Huang holds a PHD in Materials Sciencefrom Tsinghua University, and he is a teacher at the School of Materials, Fuzhou University. Professor Jiang is a professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering,FuzhouUniversity.CERAVITE is an innovative company of technology. Themain fields include research, development and production of new materials like non-oxideceramicmaterials,designand manufacture of vacuum hot-pressing furnace, and design and manufacture of hot-pressing mold.
The mainproducts are hot pressing hexagonal boron nitride ceramic and boron nitride compositeceramic.Includes:insulation tubes. sleeve, and parts for vacuum furnace nozzles for amorphous soft magnetic alloy spray tapes and metal powders gas- atomization, horizontalcontinuous casting separation rings/crystal tubes, crucibles. composite ceramic molds. The patented products include TiB2/graphite composite ceramiccathodesforelectrolytic and aluminum, graphite/BN ceramic composite evaporator boats forvacuum evaporation and aluminum plating, large and medium-sized vacuum hot pressing funaces, large size hot pressing molds, etc.



CERAVITE will continuously explore the two directions ofnon-oxide ceramics and hot pressing process. Integrity management, urgent users urgent, think about what users want. and provide users with solutions.