Refractory insulating parts for high temperature Vacuum furnace

Boron nitride ceramic is a material with good high-temperature insulation performance. When the temperature exceeds 1600 ℃, only boron nitride ceramic can perform well for a long time. In the high-temperature Vacuum furnace with carbon material as the heating element and carbon felt and graphite felt as the insulation material, the insulation between the heating electrode and the insulation structure is the key to the normal use of the equipment. Over 1600 ℃, boron nitride ceramics are the only insulating material. The company entered this field in 2009 and has a certain influence in the industry!

Horizontal Continuous Casting Separation Rings/Crystal Tubes

1.The oxidation resistance temperature is 1000 ℃, which can replace graphite products. ​​​​​​​2.Metal corrosion resistance, no wetting, long service life. 3.The product has high density, good mechanical strength, does not react with most activemetals,and has good chemical stability.

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